2019 - are you ready?

March 2019 (20th - 24th) will see the 6th edition of EYF and once again we will host some of the best exhibitors the hand-knitting industry has to offer to create a "Yarn-Lovers' Dream Department Store for a Weekend".
Over 800 seats invite across the venue invite to socialise and meet/make friends.

We can’t wait - are you coming?

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Until then, Happy Knitting!

Jo & Mica

Interested to know a bit more about EYF?

About us...

We are knitters - 100%
Knitting is our passion and living in beautiful Edinburgh has the added bonus that our climate lends itself to producing and wearing knitted garments all year round! Most of the time we actually really need a warm cardigan and woolly socks! 

We still buy yarn
Just like every other knitter & crocheter we cannot walk past a yarn shop. In fact we typically plan all our travels to get to them. Skeins frequently and inadvertently fall into our luggage as if moved by magic and we now travel with an extra large roof-top box on the car. You get the picture. 

We work on EYF all year round
Bringing together an event like EYF takes an entire year and we work on it full-time. There's no big company behind EYF - but we are a determined 2-woman force to be reckoned with :-) We deal with every aspect of the promotion and organisation of the show ourselves. Over the weekend of the event we work with a large group of trusted, local knitting friends, the venue management team, security and catering professionals to make EYF a reality.

We live in Edinburgh
We know our city like the back of our hand and if you follow us on social media you'll get a glimpse of our favourite places to hang out. We both live in the leafy Southside of Edinburgh with our respective families, a short cycle apart in neighbouring districts.

We don't have nearly as much time to knit as we like and as many people think!
It's a common myth that yarn shop owners, knitwear & pattern designers and event organisers have tons of time to sit and knit fun things...Unfortunately that's not the case, we have to deal with loads of boring tasks, just like everybody else!

Video from EYF 2015

On film…

EYF interview with Fruity Knitting March 2018

EYF 2018 by Clint Watt

Our very first EYF in 2013!

(Jose on Ravelry) grew up in the frozen North of Scotland, and as a result has an almost constant need to be warm. She started knitting in primary school, under the beady eye of Mrs Campbell, and all her first efforts were boobtubes and mini skirts for her dolls. (Thankfully, fashion has moved on a little.) She took up knitting again when her wee son needed a big hat, and discovered knitting blogs, then Ravelry, then real live people in yarn shops and at a local group. As well as event managing, she is also a technical editor for accessory patterns, and she enjoys designing patterns – infrequently - and starting sweaters - frequently!

aka lillebrit on Ravelry, picked up her needles relatively late in life and only really got into knitting since moving to Scotland in the year 2000. Having grown up in a crafty family in the north of Germany, she was more of a tom-boy than a needlecraft enthusiast when growing up. Mica used to hand-dye the now extinct Yarnpony yarns until event management took over her life. Never turning down an opportunity to try a new craft or meet new people with similar interest, Mica can either be found knee-deep in one of her numerous stashes (fabric or yarn!) or hanging out with her pals talking about the latest knitting patterns.

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