Planning your stay in Edinburgh during EYF

We love our city and want you to have the BEST time too!
Architecture, art & culture, restaurants and cafes - Edinburgh has a lot to offer for visitors and we highly recommend that you set aside some time to explore during your visit.
Visit Scotland is the website of our main tourist board, with loads of information about all sorts of attractions and things to do.
This is Edinburgh has loads of information about what's going in the city. 

Location, Location, Location

Many of you will start have started to look for travel and accommodation options already and since many of our visitors will come from further afield we thought we put some useful info together to help you plan your stay. We've created this map with some guidance around key locations like our venue(s), the airport, bus routes that pass the festival venue and the best areas to stay in. You can see at a glance the 3 bus routes (Skylink 300 (the old 35), 44/44a and 4) that stop close or right in front of the main venue (red, blue and purple), the tram line (black), the airport, the train stations and some areas like the actual city centre (red), the central area of Edinburgh (blue) and other good areas to look for accommodation (yellow).
Please note that some of the yellow areas outside the city centre may not offer a lot in terms of holiday accommodation, but we highlighted them anyway, just in case you are interested. Click on the map image below to you to the online version where you can zoom in. If you select the different elements on the map you will see a little pop-up windows with extra notes. Edinburgh has a wealth of accommodation options including holiday apartments, B&Bs and hotels. AirBnB has been a very popular option amongst our visitors in past years. 

Public Transport and Tourist Board Info

Transport for Edinburgh provides information for buses and our single(!) tram line. Great resource if you want to check out other bus routes when booking accommodation.
Note: Lothian Buses service 35 - a.k.a. "The Knitters' Bus" - has been rebranded and is now called Skylink 300. You can buy a standard fare on the bus, but if your destination is the airport then you pay a higher fare.