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60 Second Interview: Cairngorm Bags

Today we bring you 60 seconds with Cairngorm Bags maker of knitting project bags and knitting needle cases. When did you start knitting/spinning/crocheting?

A long time ago!!!  I was taught to knit and crochet by my mother who was a fantastic yarn crafter.

What was your first knitting/spinning/crochet project?

As I said, it was a long time ago lol!! But I would imagine it would have been a scarf for my doll as I seem to remember them all having one.

Can you show us some of the products you'll be bringing to the festival?

I will be bringing all the variations of project bags I make including box, pyramid and drawstring as well as my new line of needle cases.  My daughter keeps coming up with new designs she wants and you are all the lucky recipients of them!!


What product/pattern are you most proud of?

At the moment I am most proud of the medium drawstring bag with attached notions purse which seems to be quite popular with my daughter and on the etsy shop.

How many WIPS have you got?

None at the moment because I want to get as many bags as possible done for the festival!

Do you use Ravelry?

Yes for my knitting but not for Cairngormbags.  I am on there as aviemoron if anyone wants to friend me.

Have you got a favourite pattern desiger and why?   

I seem to like all the fabrics I see!! But my favourite fabric designers are Robert Kauffman, Michael Miller and Kokka.

What's on your needles/hook/spindle right now?

Sadly none but I’m going to be starting on a CanCan scarf in the next couple of days.  Hopefully I’ll have it to wear when I see you in March.

 If you had to pick just one kind of yarn to knit with/ tool to work with / fibre to spin for the rest of your life what would it be?

I love the feel of bamboo when I am knitting with it and the drape of the fabric it produces is lovely.

Thank you! To find out more about Cairngorm Bags before visiting their stall at Edinburgh Yarn Festival, do follow them on twitter of on facebook.

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