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60 Second Interview: OwlPrintPanda

This week we are exited to start off with a 60 second interview with young  Edinburgh based designer OwlPrintPanda. OwlPrintPanda

When did you start knitting/spinning/crocheting?

I remember learning to knit when I was very small, with big chunky needles and bright pink yarn.  I suppose nothing ever came of it, because I don't have a lumpy pink scarf hidden anywhere!   More recently, I started crocheting around 4 years ago, and picked up my knitting again shortly after!

What was your first knitting/spinning/crochet project?

Apart from the elusive pink scarf?  I bought a little amigurumi robot book when I was out wandering one day and proceeded to fill my flat with badly made tiny fluffy robots.  Then there were the very lumpy knitted teacozies I was determined everyone would love for their birthdays...

Can you show us some of the products you'll be bringing to the festival?

I'll probably bring some of the little items from my etsy store, along with some new things I'm dreaming up!  Lots of work to be going on with!

What product/pattern are you most proud of?

I love the little Felted Fox Purse (see image above, ed).  It's not the biggest or most complex of patterns, but I just think he's adorable and I'm still not tired of making the little guys.  Maybe it'll be a new pattern soon.  We shall see!

How many WIPS have you got?

Too many!  I've recently accepted that I'm very excitable, and this leads to an abundance of projects which have been quite literally dropped because I was more carried away with another idea.  Currently...6.  I think.  That I can remember.   I may unearth more.

Do you use Ravelry?

I couldn't quench my yarn habit without it!  I'm OwlPrintPanda there too, and spend a vast amount of time being convinced that buying more yarn is a brilliant idea.  Such bad influences.

Have you got a favourite pattern desiger and why?   

I'm not sure!  It's unusual for me to knit more than one thing by the same designer because I always feel there's more I could be discovering out there!  I love items which have a slight difference to them whilst still looking simple.

What's on your needles/hook/spindle right now?

This is a good example of my favourite type of pattern actually!  I'm currently knitting 5200K by Suvi Simola; completely in love with the asymmetrical hem and the buttoned cuffs.  On my hook is a crochet square throw which, it's fair to say, is taking a while.  I also have a couple of my own new patterns knitting up (hopefully in time for the Festival!).

If you had to pick just one kind of yarn to knit with/ tool to work with / fibre to spin for the rest of your life what would it be?

Oh... difficult.  I've recently been walking around squeezing merino at random intervals.  Though my shawl is currently knitting up in a silk mix and that's very yummy.  Hmmmmmm.  I'll have to go merino, because I just love light and squishy winter cardigans.

Thanks Amanda! :-) If you are curious about OwlPrintPanda you can check out Amanda's blog, her etsy shop and of course remember to visit her stall on the day.

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