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60 Second Interview: Porcini and Button

Today we bring you Edinburg based Porcini and Button.


When did you start knitting/spinning/crocheting?

When I was 4 years old, I went on a huge family holiday to my Grandparents favourite caravan site. My Grandma held me against my will inside her caravan whilst all my cousins played outside. It was a long, hot summer and I was stuck inside making a scarf. A scarf I tell you! In summer?! When the holiday ended I promptly forgot how to knit and didn't pick it up again until I was on a train home from Uni, and saw a girl knitting a jumper. I was in awe! My train got in at 10.30pm, but by 11.30pm I had the beginnings of a rather lumpy scarf. Thanks to some knackered old needles I found in the attic, some rather unattractive yarn my dad used as string, and some help form my mum. I only wish my Grandma had been a live long enough to see me appreciate how cool knitting really is! I started crocheting a year later, and I've had a go at spinning, but I won't pretend I had any natural talent!

What was your first knitting/spinning/crochet project?

Well, my very first was the summer scarf, then the lumpy late night scarf. I had the traditional "scarf for every occasion" thing going on for a while, which was handy living in Edinburgh, because sometimes you actually DO need summer scarves up here!

Can you show us some of the products you'll be bringing to the festival?

Well, some of them are a bit secret… but here's a few photos.
What product/pattern are you most proud of?

Hmm… That's a tough one! I suppose my flower brooches. I taught myself to crochet from books and online videos. It's so quick and even simple stitches give you amazing results! I tried making flowers from online patterns, but I didn't really like how they turned out, so I made this pattern up myself. The brooches themselves are made using my Grandma's button collection, so even though she never saw me knit, she gets to live on through my crochet.

How many WIPS have you got?

Wow. Pssht… Errm… A lot. If I love a pattern, or the maths and logic behind the structure I'll knit solidly until it's done. Recently however, I've been tempted by the dark arts of a knitting machine and my crochet needles, so I've been experimenting a lot, and therefore have lots of projects on the go.

Do you use Ravelry?

Yeah! What self respecting knitter wouldn't?! I'm called Porcini, look me up!

Have you got a favourite pattern designer and why?   

Oooh that's tough. I have a lot! I love how Kate Davies can express a landscape, era or emotion through her use of colour. She's a complete inspiration! But then I also love how Ysolda Teague's patterns range from super cute to truly elegant. They're probably my top two favourites, they can battle it out for the top spot!

What's on your needles/hook/spindle right now?

Crochet hook: Bow necklace. Knitting needles: Cityscape sweater, baby boots, bunny slippers and probably a few I've forgotten about! Knitting machine: pair of chevron mitts.

If you had to pick just one kind of yarn to knit with/ tool to work with / fibre to spin for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is my worst nightmare because I'm a huge geek when it comes to different materials! I have yarns made from silk, merino, cashmere, lambswool, acrylic, nylon, bamboo, milk protein, cotton and I also knit metal wire, raffia, and whatever I can get my hands on! (Even spaghetti and strawberry laces!). I suppose my favourite yarns are pretty much anything by Louisa Harding, if I had to pick just one then probably kashmir. It was the first "fancy" yarn I ever bought and was like knitting with an extruded, flexible, tangible version of love. (I warned you I was a materials geek.)

Thanks Sarah! If you're curious about Porcini and Button check out their etsy shop and facebook page.

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