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Bon Papillon and the SHEEP!

For some years now, Bon Papillon Café and Gallery has offered some of us Edinburgh knitters a Sunday morning venue for a small get-together. We turn up in varying states of awakeness, eat many many scones, and knit and chat for a couple of hours in a truly lovely environment.

There's always an art exhibition on. The focus is on natural subjects: people, landscape, birds...Which set us thinking. What do we love? Wool. Where does it come from? Sheep. Sheep are natural. Where do they live? In a landscape... You know where we're going with this?

I'll let Ingrid take over:

"Bon Papillon is a gallery, a cafe, a framing and painting studio; a multi-tasking small business in the heart of Edinburgh's historic art district.

With a shared background in the catering industry and a love of art, it always made sense to combine the two when Ingrid Nilsson, a painter, and Stuart Allan, a chef, decided that it was time to go it alone and set up their own business.

The aim was to create a space with the relaxed ambiance of a favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, which also exhibits beautiful and thought-provoking work by contemporary local artists.

The studio element of the business, where Ingrid paints and Stuart frames in between serving coffee and baking, developed over time, as did a fiercely loyal band of regulars, many of whom are artists, makers, or just those of us with creative leanings wanting an environment to suit!

Geography and serendipity meant that Bon Papillon soon established links with the knitting and yarn-buying community, being handily situated two doors up Howe Street from McAree Brothers. 

It was just a small step from knitter coffee-stop to exhibitor at the second Edinburgh Yarn Fest, where Bon Papillon will be showing work chosen from the group of Scottish artists that have become their core exhibitors."

YES! Ingrid and Stuart will be running a wee exhibition of original artworks and prints on a sheepy, woolly theme. Having seen previous works by the artists involved, we know you're going to love it. And who knows, maybe find a space in your yarn cave for a new addition?

Below is a gallery with just a few images: many more coming soon!

Vendor Preview #3

Vendor Preview #2

Vendor Preview #2