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Happy Knitting Place II

I've been waiting for some sunshine to show you my favourite sit-and-knit spot in the house. It's been about a week and a half but finally this morning I got some sunny pictures. I show you these with a slightly heavy heart, because we've as near as sold the flat, so this corner won't be mine for an awful lot longer; on the other hand, in the next place (wherever that may be!) I'll have a room I can work in and I have a bit of a fantasy of a chaise longue in which I can gracefully loll and knit whilst wearing satin and drinking martinis. We shall see.


I'm not quite as minimalist (i.e. tidy) as Mica! Books everywhere, and if you were to look behind me as I took this photo, also papers, nintendo games and yarn. Everywhere. 

Instead of a sheepskin, I've got a double fleece blanket for chilly moments. There's a three-quarters-finished dress hanging off the bookshelf. A green Peabody sweater. The cupboard there is chock full of yarn and WIPs. A bit of spindle spinning too. I sit here a lot (e.g. now), when I have the chance, and it's my most favourite place in the house.

The best thing about this spot is that in the mornings, the sun shines right in from about 6am onwards.


It actually begins to get too bright after a while, but anyone who's been through the small-children years will know the value of a very quiet, very sunny place where you can have a cup of tea (and a knit) in the morning before anyone else gets up and starts talking about Lego.

In the winter we light the fire there and have a whisky or two. (I will really miss that!)


I thought about arranging the yarn in that cupboard very artfully but, well, I'm sure many of you can relate to what you see there! In progress at the moment I have a very simple improvised shawl in some discontinued Fyberspates Echo Self-Striping 4-ply (an old favourite yarn), and a slightly secret project for a good friend's new son: it involves Shetland wool and colour work and is going to be amazing.

Meanwhile, check back soon for details of our giveaway! More coming soon…..

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