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Your visit to Edinburgh: Like a bit of walking?

We love planning holidays and once a destination is picked, we usually spend ages exploring areas online to make the most of our stay in an unknown city.

Endless hours are taken up by looking for (yarn)shops, cafes and other attractions that interest us. From all the various posts on Ravelry and social media we know that many of you are planning a whole holiday around the festival, so we guessed that you would have some time to do some other fun stuff.
It occurred to us that we know our city pretty well and that we could help you a little to plan your trip, so we compiled a series of tips for you to make your time in Edinburgh even more fun by sharing our favourite things. First up:

The Pentlands

Edinburgh's location, geography and surrounding areas provide the advantage of very short journeys from urban delights to country hikes. The Pentland Hills Regional Park provides a great escape from the city, with plenty of routes to choose from. We tried one of them for you:

Balerno to Flotterstone Inn 
We walked from Balerno through the Pentland National Park to the Flotterstone Inn. This excursion has the advantage that it's completely accessible by public transport and it's an easy walk, not a hill-climb.


Getting there
We took the number 44A Lothian bus from the city centre and within 25 minutes we arrived at Balerno (we got off at "Cockburn Crescent", the last stop). From there we walked to the Harlaw Ranger's Centre. There's a toilet (24hr access) and you can buy a hot drink during opening hours.

It's from the parking lot of the Ranger's Centre that you set off. Walking towards the north end on the Pentlands, the gentle inclines will take you past grazing sheep, bubbling burns and some fine views across West Lothian, the Firth of Forth and the Glencorse reservoir.
It's a nice 5 mile walk, manageable for most abilities and country pub, the Flotterstone Inn, on the other side - what's not to like?

Getting back
If you don't feel like walking back, you can take a bus back to the city centre from the pub; there's a bus stop on the main road. The service goes hourly on the weekend, but more frequently during the week. Check out the timetable here. We paid £1.30 to get back to the city (Morningside), but if might be a little more for the city centre. The driver gives change though, something Lothian bus-drivers don't.

Take sturdy foot wear and a rain jacket. The path is exposed and there's not much shelter from rain and wind. The path may be muddy in places! The path is relatively easy to follow, but we recommend a map, as there are not a lot of signs. 

Busy on the Saturday evening of EYF? Join us for Ca-BAA-ret!

Busy on the Saturday evening of EYF? Join us for Ca-BAA-ret!

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