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Thank you for coming!

Image: Chris Patelis for EYC Ltd

Image: Chris Patelis for EYC Ltd

It's taken us a couple of weeks to recover from EYF, an effort that was a made a little more interesting by a leak in a waterbed, an outbreak of the lurgy (now widely known as the "EYF Plague.." - did you get it?) and a mountain of admin tasks and laundry that needed to be dealt with. This blog post has A LOT in it, so before you settle down we recommend you make yourself a cuppa and a selection of snacks ;-)

This was the 3rd event we organised and in our personal calendars EYF has become the overriding concern for all decisions we make throughout the year (when do we go on holiday, have elective surgery start home improvement projects) and nobody amongst our respective families and friends is allowed to get married, give birth or host a major celebration in the first 3 month of the year. It's fair to say that even Christmas has been relegated to the oblivion of 2nd division events. Move over Santa, the yarn folk are coming to town.

What truly makes the event what it has become are the people who are coming: At this point we'd like to thank all visitors who travelled from near or far, the amazing designers who came to teach, we believe the VERY BEST line-up of vendors seen at any show in the UK, the podcasters and bloggers documenting EYF in so much vivid detail, our sponsors Blacker Yarns and Heriot Watt University and of course our fabulous team of helpers - the best knitting friends anybody could hope for. Are you ready for 2017? We are!
Yes, this blog post is so long that we added a table of contents....

The Pictures
Podcasts about EYF
Wool Tribe - last few copies available now!
The Sponsors - Thank you! (& £5 off Blacker Yarns orders)
The Teapot Trust raised over £2000!
Next Year: Don't miss any updates

The Pictures

Wow, EYF was colourful. Beautiful knitwear, yarn in every colour and people of all ages and many nationalities - amazing. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tea Pot Trust

The Teapot Trust, the charity we support, raised £2000 at EYF 2016 through donations, the yarn-winding organised by Chris McColeman, the sales of merchandise and the cloak room. On top of that we are about to make our own contribution with a donation from the profits of the charity classes we organised. If you are not familiar with the charity, please have a look at their website and support them if you can. The Teapot Trust provides arts therapy in hospitals for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and in doing so provides a welcome distraction between treatments. 

Chris McColeman - yarn winder in-chief since 2013  Image: Katie Blair Matthews

Chris McColeman - yarn winder in-chief since 2013  Image: Katie Blair Matthews

The Blog Posts

It's been lovely to read all the blog posts and social media comments about EYF and we are delighted that our event seems to have carved out a precious little place in your hearts. Thank you for all your kind words - it's been quite moving and there have been some tears.
We collected some of the links to your blog posts in our Ravelry forum, but EvinOK did a great job of listen them at the end of her own (EPIC) blog post (thank you!). We added some others we knew about, but we will probably have missed some - apologies in advance.

Wool Tribe 

The response to our companion magazine Wool Tribe was fantastic and we love seeing all the projects popping up on Ravelry. The few remaining copies have been put back up in the shop and you can get yours mailed worldwide. Snatch up a remaining copy while you can!
If you have made one (or even more) of the projects, please to share it on social media with the #wooltribe as well as on Ravelry, so we can see your creations. 

The Podcasts 

Image: Elina Karadzhova for EYC Ltd

Image: Elina Karadzhova for EYC Ltd

Next Year

We're doing it again next year - so mark your diaries! The festival itself will take place on Friday 10th /Saturday 11th March 2017 with classes and other fun either side of it. The class programme will be released around October.  
Even if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, please subscribe to our mailing list if you don't want to miss any updates for the next EYF or indeed any of the other exciting projects we have in store for you.   

The Sponsors

We accepted 2 sponsors this year and wanted to give them a quick, final shout-out before planning for 2017 starts. Selecting a sponsor can be tricky thing as we have a very specific idea of what our event stands for and we wanted that to be reflected in our choice - which we think we achieved by selecting Blacker Yarns and Heriot Watt University's School of Textiles.  

Big thank you to Sonja and Anette from Blacker Yarns who sponsored our Podcast Lounge this year. If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on their yarn at EYF, then you can use the code EDINYARNFEST2016 at the checkout on their website to get a £5.00 discount – one use per ticket holder. Perfect for trying out the new Tamar range.

Heriot Watt University's School of Textiles and Design sponsored our class-programme to promote their excellent textile summer school programme. If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on one of their info flyers, have a look at the programme here.





We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to enjoy EYF next year!

Mica & Jo xxx

EYF 2017 - only 9 months to go!

Festival Tickets now available online!