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Where's Our Yarn At?

Hello everyone! It's been a little while. We are so very busy getting all the details of this event out of our heads and onto paper, via all the many people who are involved as well. So I thought I'd write a little bit about the process and how it's all going. 

The most exciting announcement is due to come this week: our class list is almost ready! Booking won't be enabled for a little while yet but we do still have over six months to go and it won't be long. There's a full weekend of workshops planned, in and around the Corn Exchange. We're really proud of what we've pulled together here: we're welcoming international tutors like Carol Feller, Hélène Magnusson, Nancy Marchant, Tom Van Deijnen, Hazel Tindall…there are more names to come in the next week but that's a wee taster for now. Watch this space! 

The marketplace, I've got to say, is shaping up great. We're not ready to reveal anything there, not least because there's still time to apply yet so it's all very much a work in progress. We are aiming for "Every Knitter's Dream Department Store For The Weekend" and that is precisely what you are going to get. With knobs on. Or rather, with nupps on. (I apologise.)

Events like this grow arms and legs, which can be a good thing and a bad thing: but one good arm that has grown has been to get Ingrid from Bon Papillon Cafe & Gallery (Howe St, Edinburgh) involved in curating a very special art exhibition and sale, which will be part of the main event. Ingrid and Stuart are incredibly welcoming to knitters (not to mention well-placed, being right next door to McAree's) and have superb taste too. It's going to offer something a little bit different within the Yarn Festival; but once again, for now, the big reveal will have to wait until nearer the time. (Sorry! For all the scone-lovers though, I can confirm it's not scones…)

We've set in motion all the plans for the Pod Cast Lounge, together with Louise (podcaster, Shetlander and British wool enthusiast extraordinaire) of Knit British fame. Have a listen to this episode of Louise's podcast for details. It's going to be a lot of fun.

And everything else is rumbling away, getting researched and booked and finalised in preparation for the big yarny weekend in March, around which Mica and Jo are planning their lives for the next six months plus. If you see us looking a bit dishevelled and wild-eyed, looking distractedly at the three stitches we've managed to knit that day, this will be the reason! (Only joking, but gin is welcome nonetheless.)

So, keep knitting/crocheting up your stash, watch this space, look out for our ads, spread the word, and we'll see you in March 2015, OK?*


*PS It definitely IS March 14th & 15th! 

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