FAQs about Class booking for EYF2019

We hope the information we released covers all info relating to the classes, but we know it’s a lot to read, so we thought we post the most FAQs here.

How do I pay for a ticket?
Our ticketing site uses Paypal for ticket purchases, but please note that you do not need to open a Paypal account to buy tickets: you can also use a debit or credit card via Paypal without setting up a new account. 

How much will a class cost? 
A 3-hour class-ticket will cost:

  • £75 and includes same-day access to the festival

  • £90 including same-day admission + 1 additional day access to the festival

  • £105 including same-day admission + 2 additional days access to the festival

We will have 5 full-day classes (held at a different location, 2 miles from the main venue. See our class venues page for details) on offer which will cost:

  • £130 including 1 day of admission on a separate day

  • £145 including 2 days of admission on separate days

  • £160 including 3 days of admission on separate days (this option is only available for 2 full-day classes, one on a Sunday, one on a Wednesday).

The exceptions in pricing are acouple of 3-hour classes with Felicity Ford that include material, please refer to the individual class listings.

How can I choose what festival admission I want to buy with my class? 
When our booking portal becomes available, every class booking page will have a range of clearly spelled out festival admission options available to choose from. To give you an idea, have a look at the examples we provided in the “Example Scenario” section of this page.

Can I buy multiple classes at once? 
No. Every transaction needs to be completed before another class can be chosen. This is to give everybody a fair chance to book a class. It is for this reason that we do not accept any group bookings either.

Can I buy a class for a friend or family member? 
Yes, just make sure you enter the attendee’s name when booking and ideally their own email address.

I want to go to the same class with friend - how can this be achieved? 
Unfortunately, we cannot help with requests like this. There will be plenty of other, nice students in the same class coming without a friend - it will be fun even if your friend misses out on the class. The primary reason for booking the class should be that you really want to go to the class. Plenty of time to socialise before or after at EYF with your closest and dearest :-)

Can I bring my baby/child to a class?
No. We aim for a learning environment free from distraction, and know that even the loveliest and best-behaved babes/children can break others' concentration. We appreciate your understanding.

What level of festival access comes with a class? 
Class tickets will come with the benefit of one day access to the festival as standard. 
Class students will get early access to the festival at the main venue (from 9am) as an exclusive benefit on all days for which they have purchased a class, AND on days for which additional class-linked festival admission has been purchased.

All class students will have the opportunity to secure tickets for any days of the three main festival days (Thursday -Saturday) at the point of buying a class. Class-linked general admission can only be purchased for the class-attendee though. Separate, standalone general admission tickets will be available at a later date (January 2019).

What if I “overbook” festival admission? 
If you’re trying to book multiple classes it is possible that you end up with “surplus” festival admission. To avoid this, we strongly recommend to buy all desired festival admission with the first class you book, and then try for another class. Should you be successful in securing an additional class for a day for which you have bought festival admission already, do get in touch through this form by Monday, 15th October 6pm (BST). We will review any request and manually refund “overbought” festival admission if applicable. Note that we only deal with these requests for class-bookings made on the weekend of the release (up to the Monday deadline), not beyond. We wont be able to process requests to add further class-linked festival admission after the point of booking.

I want to book 2 classes on the same day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Will I get an extra day access? 
No. We recommend to choose separate days for separate classes if you want to take advantage of the inluded festival access.

Can I book a group booking into a class?
No. We cannot accommodate any group bookings for classes or general admission.

I want to book a class - can I buy festival admission for a friend/partner at the same time? 
No. Festival admission released during class booking is available for students only. General festival admission tickets will go on sale in January 2019.

The class I wanted is sold out. Where is the waiting list for that class?
We have an Unsold Class Tickets mailing list, rather than individual waiting lists. We will send an email to the whole list if a class space is returned (before Friday 18 Jan 2019; see Can I have a refund? below). We do not manage a waiting list and any spaces are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

I booked a class ticket - when will I receive it?
You will receive an e-ticket which you should print out and present at the venue. All instructions are included on the e-ticket. You won't receive a ticket in the post. Note that we specifically ask for a printed ticket to bring along.

Can I have a refund?
Until Friday 18 Jan 2019, we will offer a refund (minus a £25 admin charge per class). Beyond that date, we cannot give refunds. For a full explanation of our refund policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

When can I buy General Admission Tickets only? 
Separate advance admission tickets (access from 10am) will be available in January and will cost £17. On-the-door day-admission tickets will cost £15. 
The ticket office will be open to purchase on-the-door tickets from:

  • 1pm on Thursday (this is different from last year!)

  • 11am on Friday and Saturday. Until the ticket office opens on each day, access will be exclusive to advance ticket holders & students only.

When can I get a ticket for Sunday? 
Tickets for the Sunday event “MAKE::WOOL“ will be available separately in January 2019 and are not available through class-linked admission. This event will run from 10am - 2pm. More info about this event will be released when we are ready. Access to this particular event will be by advance ticket only!

I want to purchase classes to sell on - is this permitted? 
No, it strictly isn’t (please refer to our Class Terms & Conditions). Every class booking must be in the name of the attendee. Our team will check names and scan tickets at the venue. Should you need to transfer a ticket to somebody else’s name, please get in touch and we will facilitate this until a certain point(see Terms & Conditions).