We use four different locations for classes - this year we have a new addition for all-day sessions. The class venues are: 


Easy to find! This the EYF main venue, where our marketplace is held. There's loads of room to socialise, and it has a couple of large classrooms too. The building is fully accessible, but because it's a listed historic building, it's not possible to alter the few steep steps within. To access some parts of the building, there is a separate entrance - which is manned by a member of our stewarding/security team whose job is to provide help (if needed) for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Catering and toilet facilities can be found throughout the building in various locations. The Corn Exchange will not be in use on Wednesday 20th March and there's no public access to the building then. Bert's Coffee Bar next door is open to the public every day except Sunday. Our Travel Information page can be found here.

The Corn Exchange postcode is EH14 1RL. Please note there is extremely limited parking in the surrounding streets. Our marquee uses all of the Corn Exchange car parking area and we highly recommend arriving by public transport!


Visitor centre and cafe with two classrooms. Travel details can be found here: Water of Leith Centre travel info. The building is fully accessible. 

If your class starts at 10am at the Water of Leith Centre, you can if you wish travel here directly and we'll process your entry to the festival. 

From the Corn Exchange, it's a walk of approximately 10-15 mins along the Water of Leith. The path has no steps. Leaving the Corn Exchange, turn left and left again. Carry on until the road curves to the left. Across the road you'll see a path with apartments on the right. Follow the path to the Water of Leith, then turn left along the unpaved path and continue straight until you go under the viaduct: the Water of Leith Centre is ahead.

The link above contains bus information for those approaching from Lanark Road.

The postcode is: EH14 1TQ. There is a tiny car park at this venue. However, having tried it, we don't recommend it, even in a small car! 


Educational facility dealing with safety training. We've rented all the meeting rooms for the class programme — as opposed to the interactive danger zones!

If your class starts at 10am at The Risk Factory, you can if you wish travel here directly and we'll process your entry to the festival.

The address is 20 New Mart Road (around two corners from the Corn Exchange, which, confusingly, is on New Market Road). It's about a 5 minute walk from the Corn Exchange to The Risk Factory. It's easiest to arrive at the Corn Exchange and walk round (there's no bus stop adjacent). If you imagine you are standing outside our main entrance at the Corn Exchange, turn left and left again into New Mart Road, and follow the road around as it turns left once more: look for a large, modern, green building.

The postcode is EH14 1RJ. There is parking at this location but please note we cannot guarantee a space. Once again, the building is fully accessible, and has a lift to the first floor classrooms. 


Updated venue: this class is no longer being held at the Hilton Grosvenor in Haymarket. We will run a full-day class on each of the five days of EYF, taking place at Ten Hill Place, off Nicolson St in Newington, EH8 9DS. Note: This teaching venue is NOT within quick walking distance of the main venue or other teaching locations!
The postcode is EH8 9DS. This hotel is situated 3.3 miles/5.3km from the Corn Exchange, quite close to Waverley Station Station and is near the major bus routes to the Corn Exchange, which stop nearby. The hotel does not have parking facilities. Our Travel Information page can be found here.

So those are our teaching venues…now bring on the YARN!

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Our venues

The map here shows our main venue (the Corn Exchange) and 2 of our teaching venues, which are close by:
The Risk Factory
Water of Leith Centre

Not shown here:
In 2019 we are offering a limited number of classes at a hotel called TEN HILL PLACE, 3.3mi/5.3km from the Corn Exchange, but close to the city centre.