Diversity & Inclusion in the Fibre Space – Where do we go from here?

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Diversity & Inclusion in the Fibre Space – Where do we go from here?
In recent weeks there has been an intense dialogue on social media, and in real life, regarding Diversity & Inclusion and in particular about the lack of representation of Black, Indigenous,  and People of Colour in many areas of the fibre community. Many makers have shared personal stories of moments of exclusion in the fibre space, as well as in society as a whole.
This panel will bring together BIPOC voices* to discuss the current state of the conversation and provide perspectives on where we go from here. 
*Please note that due to the short time available to arrange this talk, the focus of the discussion will be on the experiences of BIPOC / BAME 

Host & Moderator: Cecilia Nelson-Hurt
As a Diversity & Inclusion practitioner, Cecilia Nelson-Hurt has over 15 years Diversity, Equity & Inclusion experience. Currently, Cecilia serves as the Assistant Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at L’Oreal USA where she is responsible for shaping diversity efforts through innovative initiatives that underscore the company’s commitment to creating an equal opportunity workplace. Cecilia is also responsible for the curriculum development and facilitation of all L’Oreal USA Diversity & Inclusion training, having trained over 15,000 employees to date.
Previously, Cecilia worked at JPMorgan Chase as a Diversity Recruiter, University Relations Diversity Manager and a leader of the organizations Employee Resource Group for their employees of African descent.
As an avid knitter, Cecilia combines her love of knitting and travel by travelling the world and visiting yarn shops wherever she goes.

Jeanette Sloan - Knitwear Designer, UK
Aimée Gille - La Bien Aimée, France
Sophia Cai - Curator/Writer/Knitter, Australia

A recording of the talk is now available!

The event has now passed, but we have produced a recording of the talk so it can be used to help highlight the ongoing issue of racism in the knitting community (and beyond) and serve as an aid to foster understanding and help further discussions on this important topic. Many thanks to the moderator, panellists and audience for participation!

A panel discussion about Diversity & Inclusion in the Fibre Space, led by Cecilia Nelson-Hurt (left). Panellists:
Jeanette Sloan - Knitwear Designer, UK (2nd from left)
Sophia Cai - Curator/Writer/Knitter, Australia (2nd from right)
Aimée Gille - La Bien Aimée, France (right)
This recording was made at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 24th March 2019.