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EYF 2018 Marketplace PHOTO GALLERIES!

Every year now we've put up hundreds of photos of the EYF Marketplace - the people! The knitwear! The yarn! It's one of our very favourite things. If you spot yourself, you can
right-click the photo to save it - the photo copyright stays with the photographers Áine Ryan and Jeni Reid and no commercial use is permitted, but you can use photos of yourself on social media if you wish!
There are a lot of images here so please be patient, the galleries need a while to load and depending on your internet speed this may take a few seconds.
Navigate through the collections using the arrows.

We were really excited to welcome Jess from Ravelry as a special guest this year, and she pops up in more than one gallery - as well as loads of other interesting folk from the knitting world you'll probably recognise!

Oh yes, and there was the BIG Knit-Night the Ceilidh and the TOFT Photo-Booth - images here:
BIG Knit-Night 2018
Ceilidh 2018
TOFT Photo Booth

Have fun looking through the galleries - they give a real sense of the colour, texture, personalities and sheer woolly exuberance that make EYF the experience it is!