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Jen Arnall-Culliford - Fixing Mistakes in Cables

  • Edinburgh Corn Exchange New Market Rd Edinburgh EH14 1RJ (map)

Would you like to be able to correct errors in your cable knitting, even when they are miles back? This class will teach you two different methods for dropping and correcting mis-crossed cables, as well as how to embroider over a cable to disguise it, and the completely invisible snip, re-cross and graft method. Never again will you put a project to the back of the cupboard due to a cable error!

Level: Intermediate to advanced - you need to be confident picking up dropped stitches, and familiar with techniques such as grafting.

Skills needed: Need to know how to knit and purl.
How to work a basic cable (C4B or 2/2 RC for example - slip next 2 stitches to cable needle and hold at back, k2 then k2 from cable needle).
Need to be able to pick up a dropped stitch that has fallen down a couple of rows.
For the last fixing technique, a familiarity with grafting stitches (Kitchener stitch) would be helpful.

Materials to bring: Ready-prepared swatches (see below for homework).
DK to aran weight yarn in a solid colour (the same as you used in your swatches). A smooth, woolly yarn would be best – nothing too slippery.
Needles suitable for knitting with your chosen weight of yarn (approximately 3.75mm-4.5mm for DK yarn up to 5mm for aran weight yarn).
A cable needle.
Spare double-pointed needles in the same size as your main needles, or one or two sizes smaller.
Crochet hook of a suitable size for your chosen yarn.
A tapestry needle.
A small quantity of contrast coloured yarn to your main yarn (10g max).

Any "homework"?: There are 5 swatches that need to be knitted prior to the class. Full details will follow by PDF in January since I can’t upload the charts here. ☺

Please knit and cast off 3 swatches with miss-crossed cables, as per the first chart. Then also knit a fourth swatch from the same chart, but leave the stitches on the needles (and a tail of yarn of approx 1m.). And finally, please knit a swatch from the second chart, and leave the stitches on the needles (and a tail of yarn of approx 1m.).

Class size: 19

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