Diversity and Inclusion at EYF


We have read a lot about BIPOC / BAME experiences of racism in the knitting community since the start of 2019 and have spent time listening and exploring sources to educate ourselves.
The truth is, the discussion that has arisen online has been a painful reality check for us.
Realising that we really need to take a long hard look at everything we do - approaching and selecting collaborators, exhibitors, tutors and suppliers - was an uncomfortable experience, but we acknowledge, a necessary task for us.
For now, our future commitment to do better is all we can offer, alongside a sincere apology that we haven’t started this journey earlier. We are working on plans and thank you for your patience.

Our commitment going forward
At EYF we want everybody to feel welcome, accepted, respected and safe, regardless of ability, appearance, skills, race, age, colour, gender, sexuality or religious belief. We strongly reject any behaviour or action that contradicts this statement and we strive to create a diverse, inclusive & safe event for every visitor, exhibitor, volunteer, teacher and designer.

BIPOC / BAME designers, makers and visitors

We want EYF to be a friendly, welcoming, diverse & inclusive event for all visitors, but we also understand that we have a much bigger responsibility to be intentionally inclusive behind the scenes.
If you are a BIPOC / BAME visitor, do get in touch with your suggestion how we can make EYF better.
If you are a BIPOC / BAME maker or designer we encourage you to contact us to pitch your business and services outside the regular application / selection process. Please help us expand our horizons by using the form below. Thank you.

Got a BIPOC / BAME business recommendation or feedback on your visit to our event? Please get in touch!

Please note that we are not asking for BIPOC / BAME to do the work here - we are not shirking our responsibilities as event organisers to put in the time to review, change and improve, but we would like to provide a way to collect recommendations and feedback - that’s all.

Not mandatory!