Illustration by Katie Green

Meet Katie Green at EYF!

Illustrator, podcaster and all-round wool lover, Katie Green was commissioned this year to do some artwork for us! We love her style, and being a knitter she knows what matters to us woolheads. Firstly, we wanted an illustration that sums up EYF, and we think the scratchboard extravaganza she drew is amazing! Edinburgh landmarks combined with people in knitwear and prancing sheep too? YES.

We asked her to draw us some “Knitters’ Dilemmas” too - you’ll find these in our festival newspaper wool::press - it’s distributed for free at EYF. Her charming illustrations will definitely strike a chord.

Also in wool::press is a special pull-out page, featuring nothing but gorgeous British sheep. It’s designed so you can use it as wrapping paper, or stick it on your wall, colour it in even - it’s a beautiful bit of work which has a purpose beyond EYF!

Katie will have a pop-up shop at EYF2019 featuring these designs, plus zines, cards, pictures and loads more. Find her between 2 and 4pm in the Marquee, and on Sunday at MAKE::WOOL.

Katie lives in Devon and you can see some of her favourite landscapes and dog-walks featured on her Instagram page. She has a video podcast (find it here) and you can scroll through her portfolio here.