Marketplace Access for class students in 2019

NOTE: General admission tickets only will not be available until January 2019. More info here.

To give plenty of time and space to visitors in our festival venue, the marketplace will be open across 3 days, and once again we are building a state-of-the-art marquee at the rear of the main venue which will be given over to social space. Class tickets will include some great benefits:

  • Class tickets will come with the benefit of one day access to the festival as standard.
    The base price for a class with one-day early entry to the festival will be £75 (with the exception of the 5 full-day classes and one particular class that includes material, please refer to individual listings).

  • Class students can buy tickets for all days they would like to attend the main festival (Thursday - Saturday) at the time of buying a class, before general admission tickets go on sale (which will be in early 2019).

  • Class students will get early access to the festival at the main venue (from 9am) as an exclusive benefit on all days for which they have purchased a class, AND on days for which additional class-linked festival admission has been purchased.

  • All class students will have the opportunity to secure tickets for any days of the three main festival days (Thursday -Saturday) at the point of buying a class. Class-linked general admission can only be purchased for the class-attendee. Separate, standalone general admission tickets will be available at a later date (January 2019). Separate advance admission tickets available in January will cost £17.
    On-the-door day-admission tickets will cost £15. The ticket office will be open from 1pm on Thursday and 11am on Friday and Saturday. Until the ticket office opens on each day, access will be exclusive to advance ticket holders & students only.

  • Weekend tickets will not be available. Booking class-linked festival admission will be the exception.

  • Tickets for the Sunday event “MAKE::WOOL“ will be available separately in January 2019 and are not available through class-linked admission.

Please make sure you review our Terms and Conditions for class tickets before purchase!