Meet The Shepherd/ess Registration

Please provide submit the registration form by Friday, Friday 26th January 2018.

Participation is by invitation only - so please do not forward this form!


1. Send us your promotional image*

Send us your promotional image with the following specifications**:
- Size:  200KB - 2MB
- Aspect ratio: SQUARE
- file type jpeg or png
- name your image with your business name only (e.g. skeinqueen.jpg)
- Send image to with the following subject: "MTS-PREVIEW: [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]"
*we chose this route as any other image upload app/portal requires a level of registration for a third-party service on your part, which we wanted to avoid!
** please stick to the guidance and specifications outlined on this page, as every edit, chase or clarification email will take us a lot of time we rather spend promoting EYF :-)

2. Fill in the below form and submit it

Business Address *
Business Address
We always add links to the preview images and mostly vendors like us to link to specific products or other pages of their choice - please provide the link you would like us to use here (it can be the home page of your website - entirely up to you!)
The text should be suitable for posting alingside your submitted image on social media or on our website
Can you commit to the "Meet The Shepherd/ess" event? *
Please note that we rely on all registered businesses to participate. By submitting this form you commit to coming!
Your Stock *
Can you confirm that you will have a minimum of 100 skeins of yarn available for sale? Note that you can bring much more if you like!
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