EYF Podcaster Pass Acceptance

Thank you for wanting to be part of EYF 2018! The Blacker Yarns Podcast Lounge has been a huge success in previous years and we are still the only event of this kind offering a dedicated space of this size for podcasters to socialise with other podcasters and meet their audiences, old and new.
If you want to take us up on the offer for a 3-day, early access pass to EYF 2018, please submit the form below and we'll issue the pass and send it to you by post in late January/early February 2018.

What we offer you

  • Free 3-day, early access (from 9am) special podcaster pass for EYF 2018. 
  • A dedicated space at EYF to meet your audience and other podcasters all weekend!
  • Promotion of your Podcast to the EYF audience through publication on our website and social media channels
  • Blacker Yarns goodies (details tbc)
  • Invite to our new Thursday night event at the venue (details tbc)
  • Option to buy a ticket for our Friday night event 

Please make sure you have read the Terms & Conditions associated before accepting the free Podcast Lounge Pass!

    How to accept your free pass

    In order to get the free pass, please complete the steps below no later than Friday, 22nd December 2017.

    Step 1)
    Send us a promotional image/logo that represents your podcast with the following specifications*:
    - Size:  200KB - 2MB
    - Aspect ratio: SQUARE
    - file type jpeg or png
    - name your image with your podcast name only (e.g. knitbritish.jpg)
    - Send image to info@edinyarnfest.com with the following subject: "EXH-PREVIEW: [YOUR PODCAST NAME]"
    *we chose this route as any other image upload app/portal requires a level of registration for a third-party service on your part, which we wanted to avoid!

    Step 2)
    Submit the form below 

    Your Name *
    Your Name
    If you have a permanent co host who is planning to come, please state their name here so we'll issue a second pass. Note that a second pass will only be issued for a permanent co-host who is integral to your podcast.
    Planned Attendance *
    On which days are you planning to attend EYF 2018?
    Travel & Accommodation *
    Where should we send your lanyard pass to?
    Address *
    We are sending you the PCL pass in the post in advance - that's all we'll need the address for!
    Have you sent your profile image or logo to us? *
    See step 1)
    Terms & Conditions *