CLASS PROPOSAL 4 - 2019 edition

If you could make this fairly short, that would be great - simply to fit nicely into the relevant field in our ticketing system! (Thanks!!)
We're always keen to offer something great that people are less likely to find elsewhere - especially with so many yarn festivals offering very similar programmes now!
This is the text we will put on our website when selling the class (if accepted).
Class size and subsequent fee are agreed before any contract is signed. Please state the maximum number of students you are comfortable teaching this class to, in order to enable us to allocate our variety of different-sized rooms most effectively.
Please list everything that a student would need to bring with them to take part in the class.
e.g. need to know how to knit in the round
What skills would be learned, extended or improved?
Please give details of any preparation students need to do before the class. It's great to have this when selling the class, as we have a better chance of reaching people at that point! We are able to send out homework PDFs to students if necessary - we do this in January when the class list is finalised.
Every classroom has a whiteboard or flipchart plus marker pens as standard. Projectors are not standard in our rooms. (Sound is not provided, sorry.) Please let us know now as this has a bearing on room allocation. Thanks!

Thanks! We'll be in touch very soon.