Teaching at EYF

We are always looking for teachers who have got something special to offer! Our visitors tend to be pretty skilled already, so for that reason we don't offer classes for absolute beginners, or for basic skills. But we are always keen to consider classes on a knitting or crochet speciality and we'll look at other yarn-based crafts too.

Please note:
- We don't have any plans to offer felting, dyeing (classes involving any amount of water aren’t acceptable to our venues!) or social media classes, and for reasons of space we're unlikely to be offering weaving classes at EYF.
- Sadly, because of a lack of daylight in March, photography classes aren’t something we can easily offer.
- All class spots are three hours long.
- All teachers must be fluent in English.
- We ask that teachers are prepared to offer four different classes.

If you'd like to be considered for submitting classes for 2020's event and ahead into the future, we've set up a short form so that we can collect your details. We don't have an open submissions process but once you press submit you will be added to our list of potential teachers and we will contact you in spring with a request for formal class proposals if we think what you offer could fit into our programme.
Thank you for your interest!

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Please don't submit classes here, we're looking for a flavour of what you do!
We look for a solid background in teaching - yarn event experience is nice, but everything counts.
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