Step into the world of EYF 2015

When we did EYF for the first time in 2013 two of our friends (Katherine Majka and Cathy Scott) went around the place and took some lovely pictures for us. At the time, it never occurred to us that we wouldn't have time to do it ourselves. We both love taking pictures and thought we would have ample time to go around the place and take wrong we were! Subsequently, we were really grateful for Katherine's and Cathy's images documenting our first go at this.
For 2015, we had a whole crew of photographers to cover the event so we would have a record and so people who didn't manage to come along could get an idea what it was like.

We split the images into different galleries, so you can pick what you would like to look at.

Photo-booth (Part 1)
Photo-booth (Part 2)
Pop-Up Portrait Studio
Market Place (Part 1)
Market Place (Part 2)
EYF on Video!
More Festival Images!
The Photographers

Footage of Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015 at Edinburgh Corn Exchange


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