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Elizabeth Johnston - Spinning Worsted and Woollen Yarns

  • The Risk Factory 20 New Mart Rd Edinburgh EH14 1RL (map)

 Elizabeth of Shetland Handspun will take you through different preparations (or not) of both fleece and top to achieve both woollen and worsted yarns. The class will prepare fleece by combing and carding, and explore methods of manipulating tops to achieve different yarns. We will then spin each preparation into both woollen and worsted yarns. Spin the yarns you want from these preparations; from fine to chunky, in soft knitting yarn, strong sock yarn, weaving yarn.

Level: Any level beyond beginner.

Skills needed: Must be able to spin.

Materials to bring: Some fibre will be available, but bring a variety of fleece and fibre you prefer to spin, plus any new fibre you want to try. Spinning wheel or spindle; whatever you have of - hand cards, flick carder, combs; niddy noddy, lazy kate; oil; and a notebook.

Any "homework"?: none

Class size: 10