Support Worker Ticket Request

If you have an hidden disability or condition that requires assistance of a carer or support worker to visit EYF 2018, please submit the form below to request an additional ticket, free of charge, allowing access with you to the main event at the Corn Exchange (excluding classes).
Please note the form below must be submitted by the visitor requesting assistance, not by the support worker or carer. The visitor must have bought a valid general admission ticket (or have class-linked general admission booked) before requesting access for a support worker or carer. Any granted pass will only be valid at the event in conjunction with/in the presence of the supported person. Passes will not be transferable.

Your Name *
Your Name
The ticket order reference can be found in the order confirmation email sent to you after ticket purchase.
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On which days does your carer require access with you? *

Submitting this form only registers a request to be evaluated, it does not automatically entitle access to the event. Tickets will be issued subject to approval and availability.