The BIG Knit-Night at the Corn Exchange

One of the things we love about EYF is the chance for people to get together and socialise with their yarn in hand! We’re holding our Big Knit Night again on Thursday 21st March 2019, in the evening soon after closing time at the marketplace - stay on, meet up with friends old and new, and don’t forget to bring your knitting/crochet/spindle/embroidery!
There’s food to share, the TOFT photo booth will be open AND there’s a burst of great entertainment - see below! Tickets cost £25 which includes food (scroll down for menu).

We are massively excited to welcome Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting to our Big Knit Night! If you’ve been knitting a while, you’ll know their names — their blog featuring letters to each other in Nashville and New York City began in 2003. MDK now encompasses books, bags, yarn and a host of other things you’ll love - all brought to you with a warmth, humour and generosity of spirit.

At the Big Knit Night, once people have eaten a sufficiency, Ann and Kay will host an MDK-style Non-Fashiony Fashion Awards! Wear your favourite handknit and be ready to stroll through the crowd collecting compliments. The more, the merrier! Strictly for fun. Also: there will be rosettes, and prizes. There’s a very short, fun quiz and then it’s back to you to socialise!


We try always to make the process of purchasing tickets as clear as possible - so here are a few things to take into account when deciding whether to try to purchase for tickets for the BIG knit-night or the Ceilidh.

  • The maximum number of tickets available per transaction is two (2). Nothing stops you from trying to purchase more via a second transaction, but it's unlikely you will succeed in our experience.

  • Tickets are limited to the number we can accommodate in our beautiful Marquee (500!).

  • The Marquee is the largest space we can create for this event. It's built specifically each year at a significant expense to make the capacity for the evening events as high as possible. We cannot fit more people in or make more tickets available - there is finite space and we need to work within health safety standards.

  • Tickets tend to sell EXTREMELY QUICKLY - sometimes in under a minute. We can't predict demand and it's not an exact science and maybe this year they will linger for longer. We highly recommend that If you want one, DON'T WAIT.

  • Due to demand tickets might appear to be unavailable instantly if a lot of people get there first. Keep checking back, several times that afternoon, as a few tickets always tend to become available again in the first couple of hours after the release due to abandoned transactions.

  • Tickets once bought cannot be returned or sold on (see our terms and conditions).

  • You can buy a maximum of two (2 )tickets in one transaction. Note: If your party is bigger than 2 people, it is extremely unlikely that you’ll manage to book all the tickets you want for you and your friends. It is up to you to decide in advance if you still want to try to buy tickets for a larger group - please do not contact us afterwards to ask for more tickets - we simply won't have any!
    Be prepared to use the tickets you have, even if only some of your group can go.

  • Remember if you don't get your hands on a ticket: Edinburgh is a fantastic city with many, many restaurants, bars and other venues. We love our Ceilidh but it’s not the only show in town!


Corn Exchange Marquee
How much?
Tickets cost £25 which includes food (see menu). Your seat is guaranteed for the evening and we control sound and lighting for an optimal crafting environment!
A maximum of 2 tickets can be bought in one transaction.*
The Big Knit Night starts at 6 pm and runs until 9.30 pm.
The Concourse bar will be open for drinks all night!
Under 18s cannot be permitted (due to licensing laws).

  • Access to EYF from 4pm on the Thursday with some extra time left to enjoy the market place!

  • Lighting to suit knitting and crochet

  • Background music quiet enough for chats and conversation

  • Our special guests: Ann and Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting with a Non-Fashiony Fashion Awards & a Quiz! Wear your best knits on the evening and let Ann and Kay shine a metaphorical spotlight on your fabulous work!

  • Sharing platters on each table which will have a selection of locally-sourced food and plenty of bread!

    • Smoked chicken breast from Pitlochry

    • Salami Milano

    • Ayrshire smoked ham

    • Pepper-crusted & cured Scottish silverside beef

    • Mature cheddar

    • Clava brie from Connage Dairy

    • Blue Murder cheese from Connage Dairy

    • Chutney from Pettigrew’s

    • Kelso Crackers

    • Freshly baked bread from Joldo of Edinburgh