Once Again…A Ceilidh!

It’s become such a part of the EYF experience, we didn’t think you’d let us get away with it if we tried to do anything else! (Although we have a secret yearning for some disco…) That said, we are really happy to welcome back The Picts! to our Marquee on the Friday evening of EYF. It’s a great atmosphere and we know you all love a bit of dancing to go with your knitting!

The Picts play a great mix of traditional ceilidh dance music with a bit of guitar rock thrown in to give it an edge. They are a Scottish institution!

Ceilidh dancing is something all Scottish kids have to endure at school but the truth is it’s really fun (just not when you’re twelve…) It is super energetic but if your feet don’t follow the steps precisely it doesn’t matter and nobody cares! It’s just great fun and the dance floor is always busy.

In our Marquee at the Corn Exchange. 
Doors open: 6.30pm
Friday general admission ticket holders will be able to stay on in the venue after 5.30pm when the marketplace closes and hang out in the Baron Room - there is plenty of seating and the bar will be open!
Buffet opens 7.15pm
Dancin' starts around 8.15pm!
The band stops playing at 11pm
How much?
£45 per person including a buffet dinner
Who will be there?
The EYF Team, some tutors, some yarnies and hopefully you!
The Photo Booth will be open in the evening too!

Last year's dancing...


We try always to make the process of purchasing tickets as clear as possible - so here are a few things to take into account when deciding whether to try to purchase for tickets for the BIG knit-night or the Ceilidh.

  • The maximum number of tickets available per transaction is two (2). Nothing stops you from trying to purchase more via a second transaction, but it's unlikely you will succeed in our experience.

  • Tickets are limited to the number we can accommodate in our beautiful Marquee (500!).

  • The Marquee is the largest space we can create for this event. It's built specifically each year at a significant expense to make the capacity for the evening events as high as possible. We cannot fit more people in or make more tickets available - there is finite space and we need to work within health safety standards.

  • Tickets tend to sell EXTREMELY QUICKLY - sometimes in under a minute. We can't predict demand and it's not an exact science and maybe this year they will linger for longer. We highly recommend that If you want one, DON'T WAIT.

  • Due to demand tickets might appear to be unavailable instantly if a lot of people get there first. Keep checking back, several times that afternoon, as a few tickets always tend to become available again in the first couple of hours after the release due to abandoned transactions.

  • Tickets once bought cannot be returned or sold on (see our terms and conditions).

  • You can buy a maximum of two (2 )tickets in one transaction. Note: If your party is bigger than 2 people, it is extremely unlikely that you’ll manage to book all the tickets you want for you and your friends. It is up to you to decide in advance if you still want to try to buy tickets for a larger group - please do not contact us afterwards to ask for more tickets - we simply won't have any!
    Be prepared to use the tickets you have, even if only some of your group can go.

  • Remember if you don't get your hands on a ticket: Edinburgh is a fantastic city with many, many restaurants, bars and other venues. We love our Ceilidh but it’s not the only show in town!


Tickets for Ceilidh & Dinner
Tickets go on sale on Saturday 26 Jan at 4pm UK time (GMT)

All tickets include dinner buffet and cost £45 (incl. VAT) per person.
Tickets are limited and non-refundable. A maximum of 2 tickets can be bought at once. Under 18s are not permitted (due to licensing laws).

A fully licensed bar will be open all night in the Concourse to buy drinks.

The Buffet Menu

  • Rowie (sort of bread from NE Scotland) topped with smoked salmon, compressed apple with Edinburgh elderflower gin and sour cream

  • Mini beef slider with mature cheddar, chive and truffle mayo

  • Chicken and chorizo skewer with smoky lobster mayo

  • Grilled sourdough slice with goat’s curd, grilled asparagus, dried tomatoes, flowers and shoots (v)

  • Mushroom Arancini with Salsa Verde (v)

  • Arran brie and mustard tart (v)

  • Black rice and ginger salad (v)

  • Orzo and Mediterranean vegetables, tomato and soft herb dressing (v)

  • Potato salad with Arran mustard and crème fraiche, charred greens (v)

  • Mixed leaf salad with balsamic dressing (v)

  • Cous cous, lentil and pesto salad (v)

  • Vanilla pannacotta with blueberry compôte and raspberry granola crunch

  • Chocolate gateau with honey and pistachio (v)

Special Dietary requirements
*Vegetarian food is already indicated, and GF and vegan can be accommodated. We'll ask for that information when you buy your ticket. A link on the order confirmation will lead you to a form to submit your details so we can make arrangements with the chef. Please let us know if you are vegetarian so the caterers can adjust accordingly. On the evening, GF and vegan food will be separate and we’ll update you specially about arrangements closer to the time!

Ceilidh FAQ

Ceilidhs are an integral part of many types of celebrations in Scotland and our Scottish-based visitors won't need an explanation of the format, but we thought we'd put a little FAQ together for everybody else:

What is a ceilidh?
It's a good old Scottish party with a live band playing music to which to dance!

In modern usage, a cèilidh or ceilidh /ˈkeɪli/ is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing. 

Do I need to know the dances?
No - not really! The caller of the band will explain what to do before each dance and there will be plenty of people who've done this before. If you want to practice have a look at these videos by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society for the most popular dances. Last year we had a ton of fun with this and everybody was on the dance floor. You don't need to bring a partner!

What does Ceilidh dancing look like?
Have a look at this website to get an idea about some of the dances. Our band is more "rocky" though :-) Have a listen here.

Do I need to bring a dance partner?
No! Groups of people are formed from anybody who fancies joining in. The caller of the band will announce the next dance and explain how it works. Often spontaneous groups of 2,3,4,6 are formed. 

Do I need to wear fancy clothes? 
You can come as fancy or as casual as you want! It's supposed to be a fun and relaxed night. We recommend comfortable shoes & come as you like!

Do I need to dance to enjoy the party?
We certainly don't think so! You can join us or watch from sidelines, but in our experience people simply can't resist!

Will it be too dark to knit?
It depends, don't bring a dark project. But also - it's a party, people! :-)

But, but, we're mostly women!
That really doesn't matter - we will still be able to have fun! And there's absolutely nothing stopping you to book an additional ticket for your partner (male or female) and bring him or her along.

Will there be food?
Yes - the ticket price includes a buffet meal. (We don’t sell dance-only tickets, sorry.)

Is there a licensed bar?

When does the party end?
The band stops playing at 11pm, but you can stay for a drink after that if you like!

How will I get back?
There's public bus stop near the venue (please check The Lothian buses website for the last departure), or share a cab. We'll get the venue to warn the local taxi company to be prepared.

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