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The Woolist a.k.a. Dr Zoe Fletcher

Would you like to know more about the incredible variety of sheep-breeds in the UK? Curious to know what the fuss is about microns and staple lengths? Feel the urge to fondle some new-to-you wool?
Make sure you visit the Wool Research station at EYF 2019! Find it in the Baron Room (W1 - W9 on the layout).

This year we are setting aside a special area to highlight some of the wonderful wool producers exhibiting with us, alongside a display created by Dr Zoe Fletcher, aka The Woolist, who will bring her fantastic display of 72 different breed specific info boards, sheep models and samples. Zoe gained her PhD from Manchester School of Art in 2018, specialising in British sheep and fibre qualities for knitwear design. The Woolist is an online (and pop-up event) space, which showcases research into British sheep and wool, connects producers, manufacturers and makers, as well as selling products celebrating breed specific fibres. We are thrilled to have Zoe with us on all three days of EYF plus on Sunday at MAKE::WOOL.

Don’t miss the Wool Research Station and the "100% wool-with-a-story" exhibitors in the Baron Room (W1 - W9 on the layout). This area also offers seating and a bar serving food & drink. 

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