We would be delighted if you would take 10 minutes to provide some feedback on EYF2015. This will help us to make the improvements that are important to you!
Please note that all data collected will be treated as strictly confidential.

Size of your stand *
In hindsight, would you have booked a different sized stand?
Position of your stall *
Were you satisfied with the position/aspect of your stand in the marketplace?
Would you be happy with exactly the same stand at a future EYF? *
How many shows do you attend? *
How many shows do you take your business to in an average year?
What would you say applies to your business as a result of exhibiting at EYF2015? *
Please select as many as you think apply
Possible Networking Event at EYF 2016 *
We are considering the organisation of an informal (yet organised!) industry conference/networking event after the next EYF. It would be a forum where Exhibitors/Producers/Designers could meet to make new contacts and exchange experiences (not open to the public!). Would this be of interest to you and would you stay an extra day for that?
How would you rate EYF as a show in comparison to other UK Yarn, Fibre and Knitting Events you have exhibited at/visited?
Would you want to come back to EYF as an exhibitor in 2016? *
Is your business VAT registered? *
We will be registering for VAT shortly and would like to understand what percentage of this year's exhibitors are registered for VAT already to better assess the impact of this for next year.